Simple Steps to Shop




"Browse The Beauty"

Browse the beauty by simply clicking the “MARGY Collection” button on top of the page

and choose your preferences



"Choose Your Preferences"

Once you have found your favorite item(s) you wish to purchase, select your size and click on the "ADD TO BAG" button on each item.




All orders that have been confirmed cannot be cancelled. Therefore we suggest you to review all your orders, be it the color, size or other details.

Review the items in your shopping bag by clicking the "SHOPPING BAG" link at the top of the page. You can use the "REMOVE FROM BASKET" link to delete items from your shopping bag.

Click “CONTINUE SHOPPING” if you still want to browse or go for other products



"Complete Your Order"

Once you confirmed with your order, complete your order by clicking on "PROCEED TO CHECK OUT"

On the "EXPRESS CHECKOUT" section, you will need to complete your address, choose a shipping option, and opt for payment method and "CONFIRM MY ORDER"

Your order details will be emailed to your registered email account together with the tracking number.



"Payment Method"

Currently we provide “PAYMENT by CREDIT CARD" and "BANK TRANSFER" (BCA & MANDIRI).

You will be receiving email confirmation from us related to your payment confirmation along with details of bank account if you choose to pay by bank transfer.

After payment completion, please confirm your payment by clicking “CONFIRM PAYMENT” on top of the page

 *Payment by Credit Card is not necessary to confirm.



"Shipping & Delivery"

Once all confirmed, we are ready to ship your orders to your registered address.

Package will be delivered 2 days after payment confirmation.

When placing orders, please ensure your address is correct to avoid mistaken shipment.

We encourage you to read our Terms and Conditions for more details about SHIPPING, DELIVERY, EXCHANGES & RETURNS


   Happy Shopping